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Simone Dennis is Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a member of Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association.

She has also traveled throughout Caribbean, North and Central America while exploring the art of raw food preparation and the benefits of living foods consumption which has sparked her other passion on becoming a Raw Food Chef.

She comes with ten years of personal and professional experience and is dedicated to utilizing a holistic approach towards guiding while educating clients on achieving consistent healthy eating habits.

I welcome you to join her on a personal journey to achieving your personal desired health and wellness goals.


My Journey

My Path to holistic wellness began ten years ago when I was diagnosed with multiple skin and health concerns that prompted my awareness and focus towards a healthier lifestyle.  While on my wellness path I experienced and discovered the joy and love acquired by consuming a wholesome diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Also, my desire to solve and retain my health led me to experiencing amazing results while consuming a whole food diet which ignited my awareness to discovering my purpose in this lifetime is to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  After making a choice towards healthier living my love and appreciation for nature’s gift of living foods sparked my interest in raw food preparation which has allowed me to embark on achieving my other passion towards becoming a Raw Food Chef. 

I have travelled throughout Caribbean, Central and North America on a mission to study and learn the art of raw food preparation so that I can share my passion of alternative nutrition consumption with my clients towards achieving good health. I am now grateful and thankful for the wealth of knowledge and understanding regarding holistic nutrition that my own personal experiences has brought me into solving many of my health concerns which will also enable me to share and guide others on their own personal wellness path.

 My wellness journey using a holistic approach has created an abundance of self growth towards achieving my own peace, joy and bliss on this wonderful beautiful planet. My goal is to educate and illustrate to souls on the planet the simple wonders of consuming living foods while promoting positive changes towards making right choices for their abundance of health, wealth and prosperity.

I am delighted to participate in guiding others to understanding that consuming living foods is the foundation to achieving a healthy lifestyle through body, mind and spirit.