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Question: What if I cannot make my appointment?

Answer: SCCWN's goal is to service clients as effectively and efficiently, so we encourage clients to commit to all scheduled appointments. However, clients can rebook once after first booking and a notice of 24 hours is required to reschedule appointments. Any attempts to reschedule appointments after 24 hours will not be accepted and will be considered forfeited if there is a no show based on scheduled time.

Question: Do I have to call for my confirmed scheduled appointment or will someone be contacting me?

Answer:   No. SCCWN will contact you at the time and date of each appointment.


Question: How far out can I book a coaching session?

Answer: All clients can book coaching sessions within the policy and booking recommendations found in your welcome email guide.

Question: What is the “Book & Pay " category on SCCWN Booking Page?

Answer:   This category allows clients to purchase and book appointments immediately.

Question: What is the “Booking Only" category on SCCWN Booking Page?

Answer:   It is for booking if you already purchased a coaching package and to schedule additional coaching sessions.  


Question: Does SCCWN offer catering service/personal Raw Food Chef service?

Answer:   Please contact SCCWN directly by phone or email regarding all inquiries for Raw Food Chef services.


Question: What is the difference between a Program and a Coaching Service?

Answer: A Program is designed as  a self-guide with recipes and menu plans where applicable for you to manage your own health journey.Coaching Sessions provide one on one guidance from SCCWN to directly assist you in attaining your health goals.

Question: Why are the programs not listed on SCCWN's Booking Page?

Answer:   . Programs do not require booking because they are self-paced and do-it-your-self through well designed E-Guides.

Question: Why are programs currently not available in your store for purchasing?

Answer: Programs are currently in development stage. Send us an email request to be notified when programs are available.


Question: What is your service refund policy?

Answer:   We offer full refund of services purchased up to 7 days. No refunds after 7 days.

Note: Refunds only apply if coaching is not in progress.

Question: How long does it take to process a refund on a transaction??

Answer:   It will take up to 3 business days  for SCCWN  to process all refunds. However, there may be delays with your merchant’s credit processing time.

Question: What is your return policy on products purchased?

Answer:   There is a 7 days return policy on products unused and unopened.


Question: What is the difference between the shop page and the booking page?

Answer:   Shop page is where clients can purchase products and services Booking page is for purchasing coaching packages and scheduling coaching appointments.


Question: Do you sell any of your products at wholesale?

Answer:   No wholesale price is available on products.       

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